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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Wishlist!

Lao Niang have to do this every year...

I never have any expectations of receiving gifts but I have come to a point when I cant stop my friends from getting me presents.

I decide to state out what I want rather than my friends not sure what I want just i case leh

I haven't thought of celebrating because I am quite worried I will get drunk.

Siao lor...no plannings yet....

Anyway, Lao Niang will always be 23!

I had received a very big gift already!

Poisonlady's Birthday Wishlist

**Sponsorship of another belly piercing

**Caps, Hats whatever you think will look good on me
(Think Melvin is getting one white sportscap for me)

**Andy Lau's concert ticket (Seems nice leh)

**GPS (I still get lost easily.....)

Er......i think for very long and I realise that I actually dun need anything much cos I buy things very fast lor.....

I just hope i will be happy!

I just hope my friends will be happy!

I just hope my family will be happy!

Thats the best birthday gift liao...

Oh and hope I can get married someday (and that someday not too long lor).... *blushed*


P/s: By the time u saw this post, I am already on the plane, will be back with lots of photos!

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