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Thursday, October 16, 2008

18th Oct Masquerade Glamourous Party

Met Miko last night for dinner...

Every year she will buy me dinner and get me a lovely present.

I am a heartless friend, I seldom keep in touch with my friends but I am glad to do this routine with her.

Meet for dinner, chit chat and catch up abit on what we both doing....

Tomorrow is a big night for me, I am having a party celebration.

After 2 years being with Mr Ng having a quiet birthday, this year I am celebrating it with my friends. I think usually single is like that hor?
(Though I thought of hiding in another country)

I cant sleep last night

I hope everyone will go home with the best memories

I am wearing something that I am very worried about but the girls have supported it and anyway i will be wearing a mask so I guess is ok ba.....

I just pray hard I dun get drunk.....

Let u have a glimpse of my mask!

Will update with lots of photos soon!

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