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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Me and Mr Ng

We started on 7 April 2006, we met, we went out, we fell in love and spend 23mths together.

Everything was perfect, we enjoyed each other company and I loves him alot.

He is my blog reader, my fans, my lover, my bf, my best friend.

Things have to come to a point where we are having some problems.

I remembered the times when we went out, we had so much fun at Science Center,we went to Phuket, Batam and we spend alot of times at a hotel to celebrate special occasions.

He enjoys sitting down having coffee and reading his magazine and I will just sit beside him giving him the quiet moment and read my own stuffs.

He enjoys drinking coffee and without fail, I will make a cup for him whenever he's over at my place.

He enjoys going out with his friends to party and I gave him the freedom by staying at home, spending some quiet moment of my own.

He enjoys his work and I always make sure I give him full attention and hear about his work and understand what he is trying to let me know

He enjoys massages alot, he knows I hate massage but I still offer him a quick one whenever I found him very tired and he really appreciate me for doing that.

He enjoys eating wanton noodles and I will always suggest having wanton noodle with him while I try not to be too choosy.

He enjoys playing counter strike and I accompanied him (once only) even though I lost touch with that game.

He enjoys watching action movies and we will take turns to watch what he wish to see and he will accompany me to see my comedy.

He enjoys seeing me in tube top and short skirt and I always make a point to wear it for him whenever we go out.

He enjoys eating chocolate cakes and I baked one for his birthday in 2006 because I know I want to be the first gf to bake for him.

He enjoys spending time with his friends and I know his wish is to party with everyone, I plan a secret birthday party for him and I know he will be very happy.

He enjoys going out for a drink on Fridays night and I will be worried about him driving home and I will always offer to pick him no matter how late.

He knows I will be very tired and always make sure he gets home safely by himself.

He knows I am very conscious of my appearance and will always tell me that I looks beautiful

He knows I will always cry whenever I watch touching scene and he will always give me a tight hug, take out his handkerchief and wipe aways my tears.

He knows I always love Egypt and he surprise me by bringing me to Science Centre first even though he is starving.

He knows that I loves steak and will always bring me to new places to try out the food.

He knows that I love watching "50 first date" and he went to find the VCD for me so I can keep it.

He knows I am young and he will try to tolerate me and play around with me.

He knows I have a very bad-temper and will always talk to me calmly.

He knows that I am very stress out at work and will always try to bitch with me and make me happy.

He knows that I am in financial difficulties when I started doing property and he support me by giving me moral support and tide me over in my finance issue.

He knows that I will never request anything from him and if I do, he will make sure to get it for me.

He knows I will feel unwell and will cough whenever I am in an air-con room and he will spend the whole night making hot drinks and taking care of me.

We both loves Stephen Chow.

We both loves Chocolates.

We both cant take spicy food.

We both likes to take photos.

We both loves our friends alot.

We both enjoys watching movie.

We both enjoys going to theater shows.

We both enjoys looking at each other's picture.

We both like to chat with each other.

7th of April 2008 will be the day where we will spend our 2nd year anniversary.

I always thought love this word is small but love itself is big enough to conquer everything.

I always thought love this word means you can just let go of everything to be with that someone.

I always thought love means you will not do anything stupid to hurt the one you love.

I always thought love means you only want to be with that person forever.

I always thought love means having only her in your heart.

I always thought love can bring forgiveness.

I always thought love is able to settle any unhappiness.

I always thought love is happy.

I always thought love is something you never understand.

I always thought love is something that increase day after day.

Time will tell and heart will know.


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Sounds like a good relationship. Very romantic too. If there are any problems, hope things can be worked out.
I am just one of your blog reader . All the best to your relationship . And l am sure it will only get better and more romantic . BTW, are you still an agent . My wife and l plan to sell our 5 rooms HDB flat at AMK Ave 3 . Do let me know if you are interested to do it for us . My email address is andyhowe1975@yahoo.com.sg .
Couples will definitely have some differences, nobody is perfect.
During those difficult moments, give one another a chance to speak from the heart..and the other one have to listen & help...things will work out if you want to From your posts & pixs, both of you make a nice couple !....Best wishes to both of you ! (be strong ok !).
From Cyril
7th april... my birthday and is you guyz, anniversary.. :)

I am one of your blog reader and i saw you and Mr Ng once. Didnt call out to you guyz. *shy*

Wish u all the best in ur relationship. :D
Wahh... so romantic leh... you know that best a guy can get is a understanding g/f. Mutual trust is very important, and faithful towards each other.

Really so sweet of you leh..

"He enjoys going out for a drink on Fridays night and I will be worried about him driving home and I will always offer to pick him no matter how late."

"He enjoys massages alot, he knows I hate massage but I still offer him a quick one whenever I found him very tired and he really appreciate me for doing that."

These two phrases are really so nice... You care for him and he show you care. Both of you put each other before ownself.
maybe you should love him a little less, i somehow feel it could have been too accomodating on your side. i learnt that the hard way.
i might sound cruel but sometimes, men just enjoy the ride too much. you need to bring him back to earth.

Sad to hear ur relationship din work well
Don't mean to rub salt on wounds, but you did not mentioned what seems to be the problem. Is it a third party ... etc?

But I agree with what eggyork is saying: I think both you make a point to "give and take", both put effort in this relationship and you guys share lots in common.

Depending on the situation, things may still be salvageable.
Cheer up.. things may turn out better and fall into place before you know it.
A good chat definately works wonders.
All the best! =)
so mushieeeeeeeee
I can understand how you feel. Spend sometime apart to think through I guess. All the best to you and I hope you guys will eventually find that your paths will cross again.
serves you right!
hi babe, dun worry. Everything will go well. Jia You!
hi all the best and happy post anniversary. hope to read your 3 years anniversary next time. your post is very touching :)
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