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Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho

Today was a great wonderful memorable day for me.

The DB6, Devils Bitches with full attendance met up for a pre christmas party on this Christmas Eve's eve!

Imagine I had a hard time shopping for them and in the end all got the same thing....

The best is from N****l, got birdnest wor!

I sure ask my future husband to buy me 1 every week. No need the cook one, just the zi gong zi gong one will do leh! SO shoik!

Of course I do love everyone's present, imagine all of us sibei wu sim go and buy leh... We are kan busy people lor.

Gu pai we still got time chat everyday but now dunno why all people all so busy running here and there and stress with work.

Think all grow up le...means lao liao lar...

We had great fun today! We went for a dinner at Marina South and then we go a pub to have some drinks. (Dun worry, I only had 1 glass cos I driving)

It is so nan de that we got full attendance lor.

For all the kisiao photos, pls refer to the bitches' blog, u know where to find lor.

I have a bunch of great gfs, where to find u tell me! (Somemore all know me damn well...)

I got nothing much to post up lar, I will try post my photos up if I feel safe.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Imagine I writing cards to all my darlings... Machiam I got 5 bfs....

My presents!!!



Hey! so glad you are back..was just tryin my luck.. why u stopped blogging...
Hey Babe! Merry Xmas and hope u enjoy the holiday! Keep in touch!
Glad you're back, and don't worry about posting w/o pictures: true readers will still be here anyways!
Apple, I left my Xmas card on one of the dead bouquets outside your house since the letterbox is closed. Btw, are you still eating those tidbits?
Good to see u back in action again! =)
Hey PoiPoi, so nice to see ur blog up! Without ur blog, it's like nothing for me to read online. =) So glad u're back! Think it's a nice idea not to post pics/real names. But we know who u r, n we love u for who u r. =)) Keep it up! LAst but not last, Merry Christmas (i'm not late, there're 12 days of Christmas!) & a Happy new year!
I was about to delete your blog site from my Favorites today and I was trying my luck and click on it the last time...to my surprise...you're back!!!
Way to go...keep it up!
Happy Holidays!!!

More partying this weekend...
Happy Holidays!!!

More partying this weekend...
your blog's boring without your photos... :(
Be it got pics or not, would rather the blog stay w/o her pics than to have pics n coz her anguish =(

Wana see her? Just go devil's lor ;p or pray u meet her outside hehe

Ger stay happy n smile more often, even if u are sotong its just u n its cute being sotong! kekeke ;-)
been a reader since the early days.. caught a glimps of you today in Toa Payoh.. black top and pink skirt.. beautiful!
Excellent, love it!
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