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Monday, October 20, 2008

My Birthday!

Well, quite strange not to have someone special to celebrate my birthday with....

But lucky the girls kept me strong....

That's what girlfriends are for!

Met Judy for some toy shopping!!! We were preparing for Halloween actually but end up buying lots of boardgames!

Pick up stick......Imagine we played damn long.....

Cash joined us and we force him to play "Uno"!

I won!!! Hahaha!

She kena stuck alot of cards.....

That's big bag is our toys!

Went for Japanese Food!

Judy like wabasi and now we called it "Wass Up Babe!" (From Jackie)

On the phone longggggg

Sherry joined us also! Having fever, poor baby....

Me and Cash!

Jackie shy.....my foot ah!...

They eat alot alot.....Jackie and Cash said I very cheap to feed....haha

Playing around......with jackie spec....

I think we gonna get one as well!

I think i go buy one.......later....

And I got a suprise delivery! I thought I got no flowers this year I AM SO HAPPY!!!

I loves flowers! hope i have this "routine" of receiving it every year on my birthday!

I got a super super hot fun date tonight!

Will update with the photos!


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you & cash .. very matching leh ... no chemistry ??
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